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Heavy Tank-Redentor T.P.M.C

Heavy Tank-Redentor T.P.M.C

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  • Redentor 1A T.P.M.C: Although the cost of these super tanks is prohibitive, each of them can turn the tide of battle. Armed with the long-range battle cannon, and numerous secondary turrets, this behemoth can crush any foe who musters the courage to face it under its chains. Includes: A main chassis with side turrets and three upper turrets with a choice of weapons, flamethrowers, heavy machine guns, anti-armor guns and laser cannons. a main turret, with side armor, two types of cannons and the possibility of adding one more upper turret.
  • Ciclope:  Heavy anti-tank version of the Redeemer, replacing the turret with an integrated gun chassis. The chassis can be left open or closed.
  • This is a digital product, a design for 3D printers. Includes parts with supports for SLA printers (resin) and without supports. Includes VERTICAL SUPPORTS for mass print. 
  • Note: Infantry over the tank NOT included



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