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Trueno A-38 /Grajo A-39

Trueno A-38 /Grajo A-39

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  • Trueno A-38 Interceptor: this twin-jet fighter has been designed to be launched from space and remain airborne for hours. Its enormous range and disproportionate destructive capacity have made it the best interceptor in the fleet.
  • Grajo A-39: this multirole aircraft is an adapted version of the Thunder for surface combat. It stands out for its maneuverability at low speeds.
  • This is a digital product, a design for 3D printers. Includes parts with supports for SLA printers (resin) and without supports.

  •  This product includes a 25%print ; They were not announced on the kickstarter, but since many have written to me asking if they could be used for aeronautics or other games, I have decided to include a specific version for this, simplified and redesigned to be miniaturized.

    However, they do not include supports, so you will have to put the same ones on your own.





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