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Cruzado, Light Vehicles Families

Cruzado, Light Vehicles Families

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  • Cruzado C.L.M: This multifunction chassis is easily adaptable to the needs of the infantry squads it accompanies, whether as transport, artillery or anti-aircraft, this reliable weapons system will carry out any mission successfully.
  • CruzadoB  C.L.M: This variant of the classic chassis is normally used as an alternative to use the different support weapons, mortars, missile launchers and cargo.
  • Cruzado C C.L.M: This version of the Crusader consists of some armored sides that provide extra defense, ideal for transporting troops, or anti-tank vehicles, an objective for which the plasma cannon was designed, as well as the turret with reactive armor.Cruzado D C.L.M: This version of the Crusader was designed for urban combat, using wheels, allowing the vehicle to travel on roads at a higher speed.
  • This is a digital product, a design for 3D printers. Includes parts with supports for SLA printers (resin) and without supports. Includes VERTICAL SUPPORTS for mass print. 



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