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Cernícalo Gunship/ V-stol:

Cernícalo Gunship/ V-stol:

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  • Cernícalo Gunship/ V-stol: The Kestrel consists of two main versions; it can be fitted with a main rotor for its close support version, or in its v-stol construction, for long range. Both versions can be equipped with a very large arsenal, although the prop version must give up its transport capacity to do so.
  • Includes: Vehicle consisting of two of two versions, with propellers or wings. It has a cannon integrated into the fuselage, to choose between laser cannon, cannon, or gatling, as well as a frontal anchorage in which you can choose between numerous weapons and radars. In the wings it includes different supports for rockets, missiles of various types and bombs.
  • This is a digital product, a design for 3D printers. Includes parts with supports for SLA printers (resin) and without supports.


    This product includes a 25%print ; They were not announced on the kickstarter, but since many have written to me asking if they could be used for aeronautics or other games, I have decided to include a specific version for this, simplified and redesigned to be miniaturized.

    However, they do not include supports, so you will have to put the same ones on your own.





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