Welcome to Tartessos Miniatures

Welcome to Tartessos Miniatures

Welcome to the premiere of Tartessos Miniatures online!

After two years selling to third parties, the time has finally come to achieve independence and continue to grow!

Thank you very much to all of you who have supported us, especially those who have taken the risk with our kickstarters!

These are wonderful years for lovers of the 3D printing hobby, and board games in general. With interest on the rise and thanks to the internet, small alternatives such as Tartessos Miniatures are increasingly competitive with the big brands in the sector.

And although these brands have paved the way for us, we must not forget that without our alternatives the hobby would run the risk of becoming a monopoly, in which a handful of companies could impose truly disproportionate prices.

Thanks to the support we have received so far, Tartessos Miniatures will continue to help make access to the hobby open to all budgets!

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